The rite of passage. The last stand in your life before heaven and hell... You decide! Will you face the hard platformer road to heaven or you will prefer to fight fearsome monsters and go to hell? A 2D scroll-side view platform game in which you decide your fate.

For Keyboards
ArrowKeys / WASD to move.
Space to jump.
Cntrl/Left-Click to shoot.
Esc to pause.

For Xbox Controllers
Left Stick to move.
A to jump.
B to shoot.
Y to pause.


Álvaro Bermejo García - Programming

Pedro García Castillo - Programming & Animation

Andrés Gil Loeches - Art

Pedro Grana Carmona - Design

Borja Lorente Escobar - Programming & Animation

Nayla Novotny Cussati - Art & Music

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